Genesys Accounting Software

What Is Genesys?

The GENESYS Distribution Accounting System is a multifaceted software package including over 1000 programs that help process orders, invoices, and accounts receivable, help manage inventory and purchasing, provide sales analysis reports, store and retrieve history of transactions, process accounts payable, provide an integrated general ledger with user-formatted financial statements, and merge customer data with word processing. It is an automated accounting and management information system.

Genesys is an evolutionary product that has grown in its features, accuracy, capabilities, and user-friendliness since its inception in 1981. It continues to mature each year as new and better ideas are discovered while we deal with an expanding base of users.  We specialize in making custom modifications to the Genesys System for your special and/or specific needs.

Genesys is available in two different models,  Genesys 4.0 and Genesys Online.  Genesys 4.0 is an on-site software solution that is installed on your own computer server, running on various platforms that provide you with the most control and ability to share data with other systems. Genesys Online is a hosted software solution for companies that do not have the IT department to run Genesys on their own server.  It has a lower upfront cost  and reduces the IT costs and involvement.

Genesys Manuals

View or Download the "generic" Genesys manuals by clicking on "Manuals" on the left. Because your system may have custom modifications, these manuals may or may not pertain to all aspects of your Genesys system.

Who We Are

Point 4 Data Corporation is a California Corporation established in 1978.  Our original business included manufacturing a line of mini computers and creating the IRIS Operating System 

Our client base includes small to medium size companies that specialize in manufacturing and wholesale distribution.  We currently have customers in the food, importing, metal, industrial, clothing, electrical and construction businesses, just to name a few.

Point 4, is a full-service computer support organization, offering a complete range of services, including on-going training, software support, software customization, hardware sales, maintenance, computer forms and supplies, and system financing/leasing programs.  Point 4 Support is never more than a phone call away.