Genesys Distribution Accounting Software
The manual is organized as both an instructional guide, and as a reference manual. The chapters are an introduction to the operation of each program in the system. The appendices include specific detailed information that you can use as you gain more skill and experience with the system. To be successful with GENESYS you need to understand some of the basic terminology and concepts of bookkeeping and accounting. Terms like posting, adjusting, closing, trial balance, and journal should not be new to you.
Chapter 1: Getting Started
The fundamentals of operating the system.
Chapter 2a: Master Files
Entering essential company information; building the database; printing master lists.
Chapter 2b: Master Files
Chapter 2c: Master FIles
Customer Maintenance
Chapter 2d: Master files
Inventory Maintenance
Chapter 2e: Master Files
Vendor/Salesman Maintenance
Chapter 2f: Master Files
Chapter 2g: Master Files
Chapter 3: Insight into the Database
Using the terminal to retrieve critical information about your customers, inventory, vendors, sales orders, and purchase orders.
Chapter 4: Orders & Invoices
Entering customer orders and printing pick slips; generating invoices; tracking backorders.
Chapter 5: Accounts Receivable
Recording customer payments; using the system to improve the cash flow; credit management.
Chapter 6: Purchasing
Entering purchase orders to replenish inventory; recording receipts.
Chapter 7: Accounts Payable
Recording vendor’s invoices; selecting invoices to pay; writing checks
Chapter 8: Inventory Control
Tracking inventory: generating management reports; managing the inventory investment.
Chapter 9: Sales Anaysis
Generating decision-making reports that analyze your customers, inventory, and salesmen.
Chapter 10: General ledger
Posting to the General Ledger; producing auditing reports and financial statements.
Chapter 11: Month-end/ Year-end
Completing the month-end closing tasks.
Chapter 12: Spooler
Printing reports that have been created in the spooler area.
Chapter 13: Jobstream
Setting up a list of reports (a job) to be printed without an operator’s attention.
Chapter 14: System Control
Special "manager level" functions.
Chapter 15: Miscellaneous
Special instructions for various functions
Toolkit Manual
Function Key Template