Connectivity Solutions

If you are new to EDI and need to support a customer request to connect electronically or you are looking to leverage the Internet to increase the return on existing EDI capabilities, Edict Systems has a set of internet-based solutions suited to your business needs.


Electronic Data Interchange solutions used to be relatively straightforward. Companies purchased EDI translation software and subscribed to a Value-Added Network.

With the advent of the Internet being used as a viable business tool for many business processes, the number of options to utilize the internet for EDI has made leveraging this technology not as straightforward as the traditional EDI model.

Electronic Trading Networks (ETN) - EnterpriseEC®

An ETN is an outsourced connectivity option that utilizes the Internet as the communications infrastructure. While many ETN's mimic traditional Value-Added Networks, we have extended the value of outsourced connectivity to include Trading Community Management, Document Management, Integration, and Validation capabilities.

EnterpriseEC® is ideal for companies who want to outsource connectivity to their trading partners, extend the value of EDI within their organization, and reduce the cost of traditional VAN services.

Different Needs - Different Solutions

Edict Systems realizes that no one solution is optimal for the needs of all participants in an electronic trading community. That is why we offer solutions that span the spectrum of industry approved solutions.


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